Magic for wedding parties

If you want a magic show on your wedding, Albert Llorens is your first choice. It will ensure that all your guests will be left with their mouths open and remember forever that very special day.

Say goodbye to boring weddings!

Limits? These are words from the past. An open air show or a hotel lounge, they can become a different dimension, with their own character. The humor, the music, the dynamism and the audience participation will make the memory of the event last for years, so that everyone can relate it to the innovative feeling they experienced in their own skin.

Albert Llorens can make the bride and groom appear magically before the banquet or make a romantic magic act with the wedding rings.

A unique moment

Apart of the ceremony, a wedding should be remembered for the atmosphere and the animation. Do we agree?

The format that is creating trend has arrived. It is about livening up the wedding party in a different, elegant and detailed way.


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