Special projects

Magic goes beyond the limits and reaches every corner. Here you can see some special projects that Albert Llorens offers us.

We can create the atmosphere you need

Publicists and experts in communication are increasingly rediscovering what our grandfathers already knew: magic attracts audience attention, and put them in mental state where they are easily influenced.

If you are a company that wants to present a product, or a publicist who is looking for an original way to do it, why do not use magic to accomplish it?

Personalized Events

Imagine your product’s presentation gala, with a magic show. Magic will be perceived as a gift for your guests but, what will they think when your product appear in a shocking manner?

Everything can appear or vanishlevitate,… from a CD to a new car… or even an actual bulldozzer! And in The Magic of Albert Llorens we are devoted to this.


What do they think?

Discover what he has been said about!

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