Albert Llorens

How did he start?

Albert Llorens started out in the world of magic very young, thanks to a magic set by “Magic Andreu”. In 1997 he joined a theatre company, combining the tasks of actor, presenter and magician. On many occasions he has worked as a featured artist in a variety show, using his magic to complete a show or integrating it on a stage play.

Specialised in great illusions, he has worked for the most prestigious theatres, auditoriums, party halls, restaurants, hotels and resorts of the country.

Since 2002 he is a member of the Spanish Society of Illusionism of Barcelona (SEI-ACAI), belonging to FISM (Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Magiques), having performed in several occasions in their headquarters as well as in activities organised by them.

He currently has more than 30 hours experience on television, where he has appeared doing tricks and magic shows, collaborating with many celebrities such as Alfred Garcia, Belén Rueda, Eva Hache, Pastora Soler or Soraya have collaborated.

About The Magic of Albert Llorens

The company Albert Llorens LA MAGIA tries to culminate with the most balanced combination of spectacle, emotion and enthusiasm in all sectors and types of events.

The company The Magic of Albert Llorens combines large-format shows (magic effects with large apparatus, also known as illusions), with didactic shows for schools, in which topics such as sustainability, principles of physics, recycling, scarcity and properties of water, renewable energies or climate change, are treated in a playful and understanding way for all ages. Some of the most important ones have been: Water: a magic world (2010); The magic of recycling (2011); Against the climate change: the magic of the renewable energies (2012); Grand Ecomagic (2013).

In addition, the company also offers magic workshops, in which all the assistants can become magicians for a few moments, as well as specialized magical effects designed for the promotion of products and companies that want a fresh and attractive new corporate image.

Do you want to know some of the most relevant shows led by Albert Llorens during these recent years?

Impact, 2006; Cuts, 2007; Let be deluded! An other magic show, 2008; Mirages, 2009; Private, 2010; Wisps of time: a 4D journey; Medium, 2015; On the edge, 2016; Murder on the theatre, 2017.

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