¿Who is magician
Albert Llorens?

Who is magician Albert Llorens?

Albert Llorens is a nonconformist magician who has always avoid “practical” tricks that everyone knows. Contrarily to the majority, he has always wanted to “do the things the hard way” to produce bigger, more complex and better effects.

Pianist (Academia Granados-Marshal), bachelor’s degree in Mathematics (Polytechnic University of Catalonia), conference interpreter (Master degree in Translation and Interpretation, Autonomous University of Barcelona) and professional illusionist since 2007, Albert Llorens offers a unique experience in every show.

His working languages are Catalan, Spanish, English and French (native/professional C2 level on everything).

Specialist in great illusions and special effects, he has never abandoned close-up magic, with witch he is always ready to perform a little “miracle”.

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